There's a lot of things in the world that I'd like to learn more about.  I always find small things that pique my interest while browsing other blogs.  Everything from furniture, music, art, photography, clothing, restaurants, movies....  All this random minutiae of my web life gets forgotten most of the time.  I try to write what I find down in my phone most of the time.  I thought a blog would make things a bit easier and visually better to remember and learn about what I've found.
So, this is Things I like... Just a little storing house of info on certain topics so my brain can rest.  I might obsess over certain items more often than others.  It usually relates to what ever I'm doing at that particular time in my life...  it's just my learning process.
I guess I'll kick this off with with my latest OCD du jour.... Mid-Century Modern & Danish Modern Furniture Designers, Odd Camping Trailers, A-Frame Houses, Photo Documentaries, Summertime Music, Odd lamps, BBQ, Tech Rumors, North East Camping Spots, Silly You Tube Videos, &... Googie.

Here we go.