Nasa Engineer Custom Built Cricket Campers for $17,000

The story begins with a letter to Santa in 1972. A boy in Philadelphia wanted a houseboat. He did not get one. But a fascination with small environments had begun. These spaces, where the rituals of daily life feel more directly connected to the outside world, had captured his imagination.

Fast forward to 1999, the boy, now an architect and designer, moves to Houston to work at NASA on the International Space Station. He works on the “habitation module” (NASA speak for the place where astronauts eat, sleep, bathe, relax, i.e. their home). He is a “space” architect - mission accomplished. But he wants to design things that will actually get built…in his lifetime. He returns to earth, not sure what will follow.

Enter stage left, the Cricket trailer. Well, it was not quite that simple. In the interim, the boy (now husband and father) wanted to go on adventures with his family. He had camped extensively growing up and before having children. However, the kindergarten campout demonstrated that camping with small children in a tent was not what he (or rather, his wife) had hoped. So, combining his NASA experience with his love of the earth, he worked to create an innovative lightweight, compact, and flexible small environment in which to travel and explore the world we live in.

The result is the Cricket.

Let your imagination take you in a whole new direction with a flexible, efficient, environmentally thoughtful and fun Cricket Trailer. This camping revolution is designed for outdoor adventurers who want to explore uncharted territory in a stylish and functional fashion. Every Cricket is built to order because we don’t want to sell you what you don’t want or need. You make a set of decisions. We build it and get it to you.  
How do you want your Cricket?